Parties and Events

Welcome to the paradise of parties, childish or not! In our online sweets and candy store, we also have everything you will need to throw a party in style and anniversaries.

We love sharing such special moments; birthday ; anniversaries; onomastics; special dates of everyone in the house.

Each child or adult is a world, with different tastes and concerns, that is why we offer a wide range of options for different ages and interests.

In order to carry out your party you must take into account all the necessary elements: containers, displays, baskets, accessories, balloons, garlands, lanterns, piñatas, photocalls, accessories … There are many elements that make up a good children’s party and all of them should in tune with the chosen theme.

That is why Deli de Paula offers you a wide range of colors on your table. Take a look at our wide variety of different items and select yours. We love them because they fill the space, they are colorful, they give a fun touch to the party and the children.

We have a perfect one for every occasion.

Taking into account the items that ensure fun among the guests is also important. Let’s not forget the protagonists of the event and make them have a good time.

Get the attendees to immortalize the good times they spend at the party.

It will be wonderful to have memories of such a fun evening.


Would you rather make your own composition and choose your favorite sweets?

Go ahead come into our store and have fun.

rellene el cuestionario y le contestaremos a la mayor brevedad posible .


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