Black Liquorice

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Sweet Ropes 70cm

Ingredients: sugar, wheat flour, molasses, glucose syrup, liquorice extract, salt, colour (E153), anisoil

Nutrition information 100g
Energy 1316 kj (310kcal)
Fat 0,6g
– of which saturated 0,1g
Carbohydrates 70,0g
– of which sugar 48,0g
Dietary fiber <1,0g
Protein 3,7g
Salt 0,7g

Salty Ropes 70 cm

Ingredients: wheat flour, glucose syrup, molasses, sugar, ammonium choride, salt, liquorice extract, colour (E153), anisoil

Nutrition information 100g
Energy 1323 kj (315kcal)
Fat 0,7g
– of which saturated 0,1g
Carbohydrates 60,2g
– of which sugar 32,0g
Dietary fiber <1,0g
Protein 3,9g
Salt 3,1g

Filled liquorice ropes sugared 70 cm, strong salmiak

Ingredients: sugar, wheat flour, molasses, glucose syrup, vegetable fat (soyabean oil, palm oil, rape seed oil, shea kernel oil), ammonium chloride, liquorice extract, gelatin, salt, stabilizer (E422), colours (E150c, E153).

Nutrition information 100g
Energy 1386 kj (330)
Fat 2,3g
– of which saturated <1,0g
Carbohydrates 73,8g
– of which sugar 56,0g
Dietary fiber <1,0g
Protein 3,4g
Salt 0,5g

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