Makulaku has been developing liquorice products already since 1994. The taste has always been the guiding light of our product development, which has resulted in a happy and colorful world of flavors, offering the consumers besides the traditional black liquorice, a fascinating new range of flavor combinations.

The flavor is the most important, but the quality of the products and our services is the cornerstone to everything we do. We use high-quality, carefully tested and natural ingredients that have been selected in conjunction with our long-term suppliers. The natural ingredients that we use do not contain azo dyes.


Makulaku produces the most popular liquorice ropes in Finland. The range is wide, colorful and of high quality. 

Black liquorice 70cm

Coated liquorice 70CM

Twisted liquorice 70 CM

strawberry licorice 70 CM


regaliz pica pica 70cm