Rye Crisps Sour Cream 150g

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150 g

Dried pieces of rye bread seasoned with sour cream.




Whole grain rye flour (66 %), water, wheat flour, seasoning mix [lactose, dextrose, onion, powdered cheese, powdered milk, parsley, garlic, acidity regulator (citric acid, lactic acid), maltodextrin, yeast extract, spice extract (turmeric, paprika), flavouring]vegetable oil (rapeseed), salt, yeast.

Nutritional content

100g of the product contains ca:

Energy: 1570 kJ / 375 kcal
Fat: 9,0 g
— of which saturated fatty acids: 0,7 g
Carbohydrates: 57 g
— of which sugar: 3,6 g
Dietary fibre: 14 g
Protein: 9,5 g
Salt: 1,5 g

Shelf life after production: 270 days

Storage condition: Room temperature, protected from sunlight

Allergy sensitive ingredients: rye, wheat, milk, lactose, (garlic, pepper, turmeric)

Suitability in different diets: Rich in fibers. Contains 66% whole grain rye.

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